Motivating carrots

Hand-picked consultants with an understanding for successful projects

m4 is a skilled Engineering and Business Engineering consultancy that offers engineers, project managers, economists and other specialists to the development and manufacturing companies in southern and central Sweden. We handpick our consultants and offers a career where you have the opportunity to choose assignments and influence your work situation.
Our success factor is our ability to match the right candidate to the right assignments. In other words, to find the hidden gem. Our consultants often are recognized for their professional capabilities, teamwork, understanding the end customer, result orientation and their deliveries.

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We have projects and assignments that await you with interesting customers in southern and central Sweden. If you want to know more, please contact us by telephone +46 (0) 10-190 16 00 or by filling in the form below.

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Become a vital cog in our wheel

Throughout the years, m4 has built up a large network of customers / clients, enabling our consultants have many assignments to choose from, and therefore rarely become out of work. In case there will still be a gap between the two assignments, we quickly place you on a training or a long journey that can be funded by the individual project constructed buffer – a part of our smart payroll system.

You are helping to build our common future

At m4 you will never be one of the crowd. Perhaps we are no longer the smallest in the industry, with nearly 70 consultants, but we will never be extremely big. The company’s size, a committed management team and passionate owners make it possible that support, feedback or answers to questions are never further than a phone call away. At m4, we want to have a close and open dialogue. That is how our community is built.

Performance Ladder & reward system

It should be fun to succeed and we like motivating carrots. We have therefore developed a pay system with an individual performance stairway that helps you to grow and reach new heights. Each time you reach your goals and objectives, you are rewarded. Thus, you can influence your wage. We are of assistance and advisory board and happily discuss about the goals and challenges you are facing. We have the industry’s best conditions to offer you.

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Q: How do I use my project buffer?

A: You can use it for, for example, a company car, wellness cards, pension, education, extra vacation (in addition to the statutory), contributions to the parental allowance and much more.

Q: How long may I be left without assignment if I want to change the assignment?

A: Usually, we match the assignment change so that you begin your new assignment immediately after you have finished the old one. In case there will still be a little gap between the assignments, you can take the opportunity to enjoy some week off. You will get your salary, for example, by utilizing surplus in your project buffer.

Q: Who gets the project buffer if I leave m4?

A: Project buffer belongs to you and you get it in cash with your final salary.

Q: How does it really work at m4, do I myself have to be responsible for the most?

A: No. You have certainly full transparency and control over your salaries and project buffer but we handle all administration and payroll for you.

Q: Which customers and assignments can I get through m4?

A: We work directly with both customers and partners (other consultancies) in order to be able to get access to as many interesting projects as possible, all the time. Customers are found in various locations in South- and Central Sweden in diverse industries. We believe that both geographical and operational spread are good.

Q: What forms of employment do you offer?

GB: All our employees are permanently employed with fixed or commission-based salary with an individual project buffer.

Q: Why should I choose to work for m4?

A: We are absolutely the right company for you who are experienced and passionate about your profession and want to work on a consultancy basis. Our offer is strong and we can compete with the best in the market through our commitment, expertise and our long-term approach. We offer exciting assignments at our interesting clients. Our goal is to be the best employer in the industry. Welcome to m4!

If you want to know more, please contact us by telephone +46 (0) 10-190 16 00. m4!

Motivating carrots

A Secure Future

m4 is a reliable company with a bright future. With us you can work at the best conditions. And it just gets better and better with time.

We see you

At m4, we value our employees. With us you will always be unique and will be a vital cog in our small wheel.

Performance Staircase & reward

You control your development. We will help you. When you succeed, you get a reward. Inspiring, isn’t it?

Crew is important

You work together with good colleagues at our friendly customers, in addition, the m4 team gathers together and socializes -Several times a year, actually. We have our own community where we can meet and take a Friday’s beer together, at different locations.

An intelligent and transparent pay system

You get full control over billable hours, salary, bonus and buffer. The buffer can be used in any way you want. Perhaps to cover up when you are on maternity leave. Or maybe save a little extra in pension provision.

A fun work-life

At m4, we offer you a challenging day with assignments at our interesting clients. The choice is always yours.