Volvo XC90- Volvo Car Group in Gothenburg

Design, Manufacturing, Quality and Management, Project Management, Material- and Surface treatment, etc.
Assignments at Volvo Cars in Gothenburg cover nearly most of our business area.

Volvo FH16- Volvo Trucks in Gothenburg

Quality and Management, Project Management, and Design.
Different assignments for our consultants with focus on Materials, Design, and Software as well as Project Support.

ESS Particle Accelator- European Spallation Source in Lund

PLM, Geometry assurance, Design, and standardization/ Documentation.
Various assignments within, among other areas, product development with a focus on material, geometry and functional support towards different departments.

Inhaler – Astra Zeneca in Södertälje / Mölndal

Verification and packaging technology.
Development of inhalation products, functional testing and verification. The assignment basically includes planning and execution of functional tests for further development of the product.
We also work on the collaboration between the supplier and production to ensure the quality of the Medical Device, deviation handling in SAP, design issues, investment issues and regulatory documents.

Volvo 7900 Hybrid – Volvo Buses in Gothenburg

Packaging Line, geometry assurance and design.
At Volvo Buses in Gothenburg, we carry out assignments within the packaging line, geometry assurance and design of the Volvo 7900 Hybrid, a city bus, to ensure the quality, safety and functionality.

Jas 39 Gripen aircraft – SAAB in Linköping

Construction of the hull and wing.
Our consultants work with the construction of the hull and wings’ structure of the JAS Gripen E within specific interfaces to secure the function and geometry. An assignment with a high demand on knowledge and experience amoung other understandings of the manufacturing methods.

Machines for rearranging Divinycell blocks DIAB in Laholm

Design and industrial engineering.
Our consultants work on site with producing machines in order to consolidate the production of Divinycell blocks. Delivery of the complete machine along with Creacon HKAB.

Marine powertrain – Caterpillar Propulsion at Öckerö

Design and project management.
The assignment includes the production of propeller systems based on customer requirements in the watercraft. The consultants are also working to develop a basis for production and sub contractors, and to ensure that systems are classified by the assigned rating agencies.

Kitchen & Furniture – IKEA in Älmhult

Quality Technology.
The assignments that our consultants are working on, include improvements in furniture and kitchen for IKEA’s investment in Asia. Various types of quality issues are hence prevented through using various quality tools.

Scania R-series Topline – Scania in Södertälje

Design of installation components.
At Scania in Södertälje, we have worked with the design of engine installation components for the new R/S series, in specific interfaces, in order to secure the functionality and geometry.

NIBE Contura – NIBE in Markaryd

Design/ Industrial Engineering.
Assignment within production of fixtures and tooling for manufacturing of the Contura series of fireplaces.
Delivery of complete welding fixtures are developed from 3D surfaces.