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Hot market provides a good consulting climate on Sweden’s Riviera…

Skåne has a strong corporate culture and a good geographical location in the Öresund region and northern Europe, with Copenhagen as its nearest neighbor. Here you will find everything from the traditional manufacturing industry in packaging and vehicles, large research projects, a thriving IT / software industry to lots of innovative start-ups in a variety of industries.

A wide range of customers in both IT / software and mechanics / product development creates security and provides opportunities for many exciting and fun assignments.

Our office is located in Malmö and is strategically located close to the center and has many customers within easy walking distance. m4 Syd has developed the fastest of all the four regions in the m4 group and now has about 60 employees.

Did you know that…
A new analysis shows that Medicon Valley in Lund ranks sixth among Europe’s ten largest life science clusters in terms of publications of scientific research articles.

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