Anders seems to have more
than 24 hours a day

The challenge

The assignment is to help develop a system for “Driver Monitoring” in self-driving cars.

At present, we run the system on various platforms such as. Linux, Windows, ARM Linux. What the target system is depends on the end customer and can vary. In the end, it will probably sit as part of a larger system in a vehicle.

Anders’ job is to write the code that, among other things, reads in camera data and to develop parts of the detector logic. Everything will also be built for several different platforms and work together with different frameworks.

The challenges are many and there is a lot of new technology to be developed. It must fit many different platforms, which is a challenge in itself as it must be possible to both drive and develop on all these different platforms. It is a mix of embedded development and application programming in a larger operating system and framework. Part of the system will most likely also be security-critical.

They are a small team working on technical development. This means that everyone in the team can help in many different parts of the development. It requires a very broad competence but the team consists of very experienced engineers.

The Solution

With over 20 years of experience in development where Anders has worked with both the automotive industry and telecom, his experiences match really well for this particular assignment. It is quite important to understand how to develop code with high quality in the car industry and at the same time be able to mix in the very latest around new tools and new technology. He contributes to hopefully reaching a reliable and resource-efficient end product.

He has previously worked with many of these operating systems and programming languages we use, which gives me the right experience to be able to contribute and quickly give the customer fast results.

The Result

The project is far from complete, but they have managed to develop a strong Proof of Concept that the end customers give standing ovations. It’s hard to tear yourself away from such an exciting project that is at the forefront of technology!

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