”Niklas works quickly, responsibly and takes the lead in an impressive way”

The challenge

Niklas is involved in a research project that develops methods for detecting and preventing intrusions into a vehicle’s computer system. In modern vehicles, everything from speed, brakes and navigation systems are controlled by small built-in computers. These systems are becoming increasingly connected and an intrusion can have catastrophic consequences.

As a system developer, Niklas develops prototypes of protection systems for connected cars. The challenge is to identify attack vectors and possible solutions to prevent intrusion. All data collected by the system’s sensors must be evaluated and sorted to then determine what is a threat and what is normal behavior.

The work consists partly of developing “best practice” for the methods used today and partly of developing prototypes and evaluating new solutions.

The Solution

The team consists of experts in various areas such as AI, IT security, networks, real-time Olympics, which provides solid knowledge within the group. With his broad experience from the telecom, security and defense industry, Niklas can quickly gain a good knowledge of the system’s structure and possible solutions. Being able to break down a complex problem and create structure is a must, as is being able to communicate solutions in an educational way for your colleagues.

The Result

With his research, Niklas has analyzed and developed valuable methods for detecting infringement. The project has resulted in a collection of libraries and tools that together constitute new knowledge in the field of Intrusion Detection Systems. With a good structure and well-thought-out design, it is easy to build on the code regardless of the underlying platform and architecture. Several customers have expressed interest in implementing IDS systems and the result of the project forms the basis for enabling these transactions. In the near future, the results of Nikla’s work may be found in millions of vehicles worldwide.

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