”How hard can it be?”

What is the best thing about m4?

What I think is one of the best things about M4 is that it is a company that really cares about us employees. My business manager and I have regular employee talks, so even if we do not meet daily, we have close and open communication.

We also come up with a lot of fun things to strengthen the M4 community, from a classic AW to a game night with pinball games.

Another characteristic that M4 has is a “we solve it” attitude to the issues that arise. It becomes personal for me as a consultant and at the same time I get excited.

The flexibility that the salary system entails is hard to beat, which I absolutely cannot close my eyes to.

What do you do during the day?

I am working on the maintenance of a suite of applications and new development of the platform that will replace them. The role as a devops developer means that the days can look very different, which I enjoy.

Everything from sorting out esoteric bugs, optimizing database issues to discussing solutions for new features and then translating it into code.

I work for a company in central Malmö where I have very nice colleagues on duty. So I can both have the cake and eat it!

What do you do in your spare time?

I live in Malmö with my cat, “Katten”(Swedish for The cat). Yes, that’s his name.

My big passion is sailing and I have quite recently started to get involved in the racing club. My dream is to take me across the Caribbean on my own keel. Hopefully we can have a sailing conference with the m4 gang, so I can get more on my plan.

In addition to my passion for sailing, I like to have small construction projects, from a digital aquarium to an internet-connected cuckoo clock.

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Hannes Nevalainen

Senior Software Developer