”It is very nice to avoid the salary negotiation, the salary I choose myself”

What is the best thing about m4?

The whole concept of a consulting company that focuses on employees!

I think the best thing about m4 is the freedom that we consultants have to choose for themselves.
We choose our own assignments, salary, company car and all other benefits.
As a parent of small children, I can, for example, choose to prioritize a lot of leave or to increase the pension contribution. In addition, it is very nice to avoid the salary negotiation, the salary I choose for myself.

Another thing I appreciate is that we on m4 meet outside assignments regularly. One night we might play pinball, and another we might have dinner or climb. Fun and very important, when everyday life usually passes quickly.

What do you do during the day?

I am on an assignment with an exciting customer in the automotive industry and am involved in a research project that develops methods for detecting and preventing intrusions into a vehicle’s computer system.

Development is very fast right now and in modern vehicles everything from speed, brakes and navigation systems are controlled by small built-in computers. These systems are becoming increasingly connected and an intrusion can have catastrophic consequences.

The work consists partly of developing “best practice” for which methods are used today, but also of developing prototypes and testing new solutions.

What do you do in your spare time?

I enjoy being with my family, when I am not working, and we have also just bought a house so it will be a lot of carpentry.

When you renovate a house, you get the chance to learn a lot of new things and I enjoy working a little with my hands. Very nice as a change to all development work at a high pace.

In addition to family and friends, I also try to keep fit physically and like to run an orienteering round in the woods when the time is right. Fresh air and birds chirping make the soul good!

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Niklas Karklins

Senior Embedded Developer