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Kristianstad and Hässleholm

Kristianstad, located in southeastern Sweden, is a city with deep historical roots and at the same time a prominent place for modern technology and innovation. Here, a charming cultural environment is combined with advanced infrastructure. The city’s proximity to high-quality educational institutions and research centers gives us access to a competent talent pool and the opportunity to stay at the forefront of technological advances. With a short train ride to Hässleholm, known for its support for entrepreneurship and business development through local initiatives and networks, Hässleholm thus becomes an important hub for offering tailor-made consulting services to our customers.

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Kristianstad is a city with a rich technology history and a vibrant present within the technology industry. The city’s technology museums and exhibitions attract tech-savvy tourists from near and far. The House of Technology offers an interactive experience and exhibitions about everything from ancient technology to modern innovations. Kristianstad’s Water Realm is an area with unique biological diversity and a fascinating history of human impact on the environment. The city also has a railway museum that shows the technical development of rail transport and its significance for society.

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